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Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface

While preparing dinner a few weeks ago I was disappointed when I realized that my peppers had started to go bad. Like all fruits and vegetables, if left untouched or uneaten for too long they begin to rot. The outsides go soft or start to mold. This is not new.

As I stood there trying to salvage what was left of these vegetables, I started thinking about how amazing it was that I could still eat something even if parts of it were damaged. I was able to work around the damage and find the richness that still lay within it. I worked carefully, cutting away the “bad” to reveal the delicious healthy pepper that still existed. This pepper was flawed, it had taken a hit over a period of stagnation, but I wasn’t about to waste what was left. To make use of all the remaining goodness.

I’m not sure how my mind began to wander during a task I had completed countless times before but as I stood there, I started comparing myself to this pepper. This might sound weird but hear me out.

I started to think about how God views us and thinking about how our earth is one giant garden in God’s eyes.

Recently, Kath, a member of Vitalpoint’s teaching team, spoke about the branch and the vine. She shared with us the union that is formed when we remain in God, and He remains in us. In John chapter 15, it is written that we will bear much fruit by remaining in our relationship with God. It also says that if left alone we will begin to wither.

This brought me back to the moment in my kitchen while preparing dinner.

I started thinking about all the ways in which God has proved this to be true for me. Before I knew God I had a hard time seeing beneath the rotten. I had allowed myself to sit and become damaged by so many external things. I didn’t truly realize how much good remained in me until I found Jesus.

As I began walking in relationship with God, I felt Him working beneath the surface.

I felt Him gently cutting away the damage to reveal all I had left to offer.

Just as I saw that pepper, God sees us. He sees the good that remains underneath. He can see the richness, and the goodness that remains in us, but this only became clear to me after I made the choice to remain in Him.

As I mentioned earlier, when left alone, the vegetable/fruit begins to rot.

It may seem weird to compare a person to a pepper, but just like this pepper I have gone through periods of time when I felt forgotten. I sat untouched, stagnant, not being used to my full potential.

Then God came along and chose me. Even when I couldn’t see the good, He could.

Even when I had given up on myself, he hadn’t.

He went to work in me. He chose to work through me.

During these past few weeks we have been forced into an uncomfortable world full of distance and isolation.

I’ve been wondering how this time is affecting us.

How many of us have sat stagnant?

Have we sat untouched, and forgotten?

Have we allowed ourselves to become damaged by external things?

Have we lost sight of the goodness that remains?

If you answer yes to any of these it’s okay. You’re not alone.

Without warning we were placed into a social situation that none of us could have seen coming.

But God saw this coming, and He wants to remain in us more than ever during this time.

I have been struggling too but when I remain in Him I am reminded of the work He is doing. I am reminded of the goodness that lies beneath the surface.

If you find yourself struggling during this time, or even after it passes, I pray you to remember this.

Even if we have been left untouched, we are never forgotten.

We are all flawed, but we don’t have to remain stagnant, God is waiting to use you too.

Kerstan Cooper