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Baptism & Baby Dedications

Sunday, June 27th

What is baptism?

Baptism is an ancient practice of the Christian faith.

The use of water symbolizes the washing away of our old self and our sin. It also shows us how we are made new. This is possible because of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Here are five things you need to know about baptism:

  1. Baptism was initiated by Jesus as a sign of new life in God.
  2. We are baptized with water. We are made new by God's Spirit.
  3. Baptism symbolizes our new status in the Kingdom of God.
  4. The journey is not over with our baptism. It has only just begun.
  5. Baptism is personal but never private.

i want to be baptized

Great! We would love to journey with you toward your baptism.

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Baptisms will take place on Sunday, June 27th.

Deadline to sign up is Friday, June 26th.

(Baptism/Dedication Class (Zoom) on Monday, June 21st.)