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Awaken Me

Awaken Me

Your eyes are open, your heart is beating, your lungs are breathing. By most medical standards

you’re alive, you’re awake. But what if being awake meant more than eyes blinking, and mouths


I’m curious, what does it really mean to be awake?

To be truly, fully awake?

Is it that feeling of restfulness after a much needed sleep?

Is it that tingling sensation you feel in your gut when you’re excited?

Maybe it’s that lightbulb moment, that A-HA moment, when things finally align, when something

complicated is suddenly clear?

My first guess is this word stirs up a variety of interpretations, but in this context I’m not

speaking to the simplicity that is to “wake up” in the morning.

To me, the term “wake up” is so much more than a 6am alarm or a preprogrammed pot of


If anyone has ever yelled “wake up!” in your face and you weren’t lying in bed at the time I’m

sure this expression holds different emotions for you as well.

Now while I can’t speak for everyone, but what I can do is speak to my own experience on what

it means to be fully awake.

Awake to my reality.

Awake to the world around me.

Awake externally and more importantly, internally.

And my hope is that something in here resonates with you too. That you begin to look at your

life and ask yourself, am I fully awake, or am I living half asleep?

I should clarify that I am in no way, shape, or form, claiming to have this all figured out. I’m very

much still navigating my own journey. My own messy, confusing, sometimes maddening journey

of what it means to live my life fully awake.

The moment I opened my heart to Jesus was a moment I'll never forget. But the most important

part of my awakening was not that one moment, it’s all the moments that have followed that


I had no idea what this walk of faith would look like. In all honesty I still don’t know what

tomorrow holds, but I'm comforted in the unknown by God's presence. By the eye opening

reality that I will never be alone. That no matter where I go His spirit walks with me. This is

something that I still struggle to wrap my head around, as I’m sure many of you do as well. I still

have days where my feet drag, my heart is distant, and my head feels clouded by the nuances

of everyday life. But I am choosing not to remain trapped in those days. I catch myself in those

moments and I am now able to begin navigating the root cause of those feelings. I am in control,

because He has given me power over my life.

The moment I chose to follow Jesus was the moment I decided to fight back against human

nature. I decided to walk heart first into the breathtaking new life He created for me. I was

vulnerable and scared, but what scared me more was the idea of living one more day running

on a half tank. A tank fuelled by self-doubt, inconsistency, alcohol, and people pleasing.

Whoa! Talk about a personal wake up call! (pun intended)

That self-awareness shook me to my core and I knew something needed to shift.

I was tired of forcing myself to fit in to what I thought society needed me to be. I was tired of

“getting through the week” and living for the weekend. I was tired of feeling blah. I was tired of

going through the everyday “motions.” And above all else I was tired of being tired! Can I get an


I began opening my heart to the new realm of possibilities that lie ahead. I stopped running

away from my problems, my insecurities, my anxieties, and instead I ran full speed ahead in to a

life with endless potential.

And isn't that what we all want?

To see life as a portal of endless potential?

A gateway for opportunity?

We all know the phrase “the world is your oyster” but for some odd reason we keep ourselves

hidden away and miss out on the true magnitude, the true meaning of life.

But how do we do this? How do we fight back against human nature and lean in to our faith?

Awaken our souls?

For me it involves a conscious choice to follow Jesus each and every day. And what did Jesus

do? He chose to live. He lived in such a way that nations stopped to listen. People stood in awe

of His nature, and they too began living new lives because of him.

I truly believe that’s what we all need to do.

We must choose to live.

Live passionately.

Live gracefully.

Live unapologetically.

Live intentionally.

Live with gratitude.

Live with love.

Live each moment in the present, and you will awaken your future.

If it sounds too simple I urge you to try it.

But I warn you that nothing “life changing” is ever easy.

This is a conscious choice I made and continue to make everyday. Over time I slowly began

seeing the imprints Jesus leaves on my life. Even when you can’t see him, feel him, or hear him,

he’s there. And because he’s there I know that I too must be fully there. I am reminded of his

presence during so many moments. Moments that I used to mentally filter through before are

now the moments I live for.

Moments I’m actually awake for.

Moments I cherish so deeply now.

Maybe it’s in the crisp air after a fresh snowfall or warming up with hot chocolate after a long


It could be the sound of a friends voice you haven’t heard in a while or a hug that was long


Maybe it's a first date or a much needed girls night in.

Sometimes it&'s laughing until you cry, or crying until you’re laughing.

It’s taking a walk in nature or watching movies from your couch.

It could be that extra ten minutes you sit alone in your driveway, or road trips and singalongs

with your kids.

It’s seeking out a new connection, or a new community.

Maybe it's a spontaneous weekend getaway or a Sunday dinner around the table.

Maybe it's finally picking up a good book and allowing your tears to stain the pages.

It could be speaking your truth out loud, and hearing the words “you’re not alone” spoken back

to you.

It’s being able to breath in the beauty that lies within the fresh air of today.

It's in the easy moments, and the difficult seasons.

It’s the startling realization that the world truly is yours to conquer. And leaning in to the

tranquility that is Jesus himself.

Whatever your moment is.

Whatever way you envision your life.

I pray that Jesus wakes up your world in new ways.

That you choose to treat each day as a bonus day on earth.

I leave you with this.

What are you going to do with your time here?

When will you wake up to see the potential of the present?

Are you hitting snooze on your life?

Or are you ready to finally live?

Kerstan Cooper